Conversation Starters

This is an odd story, used every year to bridge us from Epiphany to Lent. It is, you might say, the final “epiphany” when the three closest disciples see Jesus for who he really is. He glows on a mountain top and converses with two angelic beings. Clearly, he is not an ordinary man! But after that Jesus descends from the mountain and we journey through Lent to the cross. Jesus as Messiah, we come to understand later, is only truly understood through the cross.

Sometimes it helps to wonder about the story together and imagine what people in the story might have thought, felt, or experienced. Here are some good questions to start with this week. What other things do you wonder about in this story?

  • I wonder if Peter and the other disciples were scared
  • I wonder if Jesus was surprised that he was glowing
  • I wonder what I would have done if I had been watching
  • I wonder if anything mysterious has ever happened to you

Who are you in the Story? What does the Story mean for you Today?