Things to Do Together

Activity: Hot Chocolate Surprise!!!

  • You will need: baking soda, vinegar, hot cocoa mix, water, marshmallows, enough little cups for everyone, and one demonstration mug
  • In the demonstration mug (large!!!) place baking soda and hot cocoa over it. (Maybe do this before class starts!) Ask one kid to add the “hot water”, but give them a small container with vinegar instead.
  • When the mixture bubbles, ask if they were surprised. What had they expected? Will it happen again? Do this exercise as much as the kids want to.
  • Now you can make REGULAR hot chocolate with water and hot cocoa and marshmallows for the kids to enjoy.
  • REFLECTION: Water and chocolate together make a delicious treat. But some things together react and make exciting things happen! What would that be? Faith and love? Creativity and joy? Friends and fun?