Things To Do Together


What you'll need:

Craft stick



Circles cut out of paper for each head (or they could cut them out when they are done coloring them in)

Paper towels

Have them color in their circle with a baby's face, then they can tape it to the end of a craft stick. You could ask them what they would like to name their baby, just for fun. Next, they can take another piece of tape and stick one end of the paper towel to the craft stick, making sure that the top of the paper towel goes right under their baby face's chin. They can wrap it loosely around and around the stick and then tape the other end so it stays. They may want to add one last piece of tape from the back of the baby's head to the back of the paper towel to keep its 'blanket' on. 


Dear God, we thank you for always hearing our prayers. Help us to see how you respond to them in our lives, giving us patience when the timing isn't as fast as we'd like. Guide our hearts to always put our trust in you. Amen. 


Make the sign of the cross on one another’s forehead, look each other  in the eye and say, "God will always be faithful to you."