Things To Do Together

Game: Balloon Pop

What you'll need:

Balloons, blown up ahead of time - one per child

String to tie the balloons to each ankle

Just like the bad king tried to destroy Jeremiah's writings, we are going to try to destroy each other's balloons again in our game today!

Tie a balloon around each person's ankle. Tell them that their goal is to try to run around and pop people's balloons by stepping on them while also keeping your own balloon un-popped. If their balloon gets popped, they have to sit down along the side and watch the rest of the game. The last person to have their balloon get popped wins. 

You Are Loved!

What you'll need:


Heart Shape Paper Cut Out


Tape, possibly

Until the day that we all know how to love God and love each other well all the time, we do need to continue to teach each other about love. The very best way we can do that is to show people love by loving them. Another way is to give them visual reminders. Today we are going to color and decorate some hearts and put our names on them. Then we can put them where we can see them​ all the time to be reminded that we are God's beloved children.