Conversation Starters

Sometimes it helps to wonder about the story together and imagine what people in the story might have thought, felt, or experienced. Here are some good questions to start with this week. What other things do you wonder about in this story?

  • I wonder if Jesus was surprised at how kind the centurion was
  • I wonder if there are people I don’t like who can do something nice
  • I wonder if someone who believes differently than me can still have a good strong faith
  • I wonder how I can show that kind of faith in Jesus
  • I wonder how I can show kindness to others

Who are you in the Story? What does the Story mean for you Today?

Prayer of the Day: Dear God, we can always be surprised! You can surprise us, our friends can surprise us, people we don’t know can surprise us! We can surprise other people to by being kind and helpful. Keep our hearts warm and open, Jesus. Amen.