Things to do together

Craft: Starry Night

What you'll need:

Black construction paper

Glue sticks

Yellow glitter

Star stickers

God promised to give to Abraham lots of grandchildren going on for thousands of years! So many it would be as impossible to count them as it would be to count the stars in the sky! 

Have kids use their glue stick to get a layer of glue all over their black paper. Then have them sprinkle yellow glitter all over it, then turn it on it's side and shake any extra off (or bring a garbage bin around to have them dump it into there). Finally, they can add any additional star stickers onto it to complete.


Dear God, you made a promise to Abraham that brought new life out of a place of sadness, though he had to wait many years. Help us to trust you, even as we wait for new life to spring forth. Amen.


Make the sign of the cross on one another’s foreheads as you look each other  in the eye and say, "May your heart always trust in God."