Conversation Starters

Let's Think About It

  • Does anyone know why the Jewish people were in Babylon instead of their own country of Judah? (It's because the Babylonian Empire had taken over Judah and brought many of the people to Babylon as workers, including Daniel.)
  • Who did Daniel work for? (The kings)
  • Why did the kings like him so much? (He was a hard worker, smart, helpful, and faithful to the king)
  • Why didn't the other palace workers like Daniel? (Because the king liked Daniel more than them and gave him a higher position)
  • What did the jealous palace workers do to try to get Daniel in trouble? (Had the king sign a law that no one could worship any other god but King Darius for the next 30 days since they saw King Darius as a god)
  • Did it work? Did Daniel get into trouble? (Yes - they caught him praying to the real God three times a day)
  • How did the king feel about it when they told him that Daniel had broken the law? (Super sad and tried to get Daniel out of it, but couldn't)
  • What happened to Daniel when he was thrown into the Lion's den as punishment? (He was okay! God shut the mouths of the lions all night so that Daniel would be safe)
  • How did the king react to this? (Was super happy that Daniel was okay and gave thanks to the real God for it)