Things To Do Together

Game: Memory

What you'll need:

A bunch of random items (Or a memory card game)

Even though the Israelites had seen amazing miracles from God, they still forgot that God is powerful and can be trusted when they got scared. Remembering God's goodness in the past is a big part of trusting in God when things get hard. To help us remember how important it is to remember these things, we are going to play a memory game.

​If you’re playing with random objects:

Set out your items and then have the kids study it all for a moment. Then, have them close their eyes while you remove one of the objects. When they open their eyes, they have to try to remember the original scene as they try to guess what you removed. Reset it as often as you want.

If you’re playing with Memory Cards:

Play as you normally would, sharing times when God has been faithful and good in your life. Sharing these stories helps us all remember that God will never leave us or forsake us! 


Dear God, we know there will be times in our lives when things get tough. In those times especially, help us to remember that you are faithful to us and that we can always put our trust in you.


Make the sign of the cross on one another’s forehead, look one another in the eye and say, "May you always find your sense of safety in God."