Things To Do Together

Activity: OPTION ONE: Helping Hands

  • Get one piece of construction paper per child
  • Get various colors of paint and squirt into several dishes.
  • Have kids choose a color, place their hand in the paint, and make a handprint on the paper
  • When it dries, have them write “I help ______ by______” (ex: I help my dad by taking out the garbage). 
  • Hang this up with the title “Helping Hands”

OPTION TWO (or while paint is drying): Act out the story together!

  • Have people be the man on the ground
  • Have other play the priests and Levite
  • Have another be the good Samaritan and innkeeper
  • Have them switch roles and talk about what they observed and felt as the different characters

Prayer of the Day: Dear Jesus, you ask us to help other people, even people we don’t like. That can be hard. Help us to learn to see everyone as your precious child. Amen.