Conversation Starters

Sometimes it helps to wonder about the story together and imagine what people in the story might have thought, felt, or experienced. Here are some good questions to start with this week. What other things do you wonder about in this story?

  • I wonder how Simon, Andrew, James, and John felt when they were asked to follow Jesus
  • I wonder how Jesus decided who to ask to be his disciples
  • I wonder if other people were surprised
  • I wonder if other people were disappointed they weren’t chosen
  • I wonder how we can follow Jesus today even though we don’t see him

Who are you in the Story? What does the Story mean for you Today?

Prayer of the Day: Dear Jesus, just as you called the disciples to follow you, you call us. We follow you by learning about you, by reading the Bible, by praying, and by loving and serving those around us. Teach us how to be your disciple. Amen.