Things To Do Together


Kings get to tell people what to do - hopefully with goodness and wisdom. As we think about King David today we are going to play a game similar to Simon Says, because in Simon Says, you have to do whatever Simon says to do, right? Kind of like a how people have to do whatever a king tells them to do. It's going to be a little different, however, for two reasons. First, instead of doing what Simon says, you'll do what King David says. So I might say 'King David says jump on one foot' and so you jump on one foot. The other difference is that King Saul might tell you to do something, too. King Saul was the king before David who started out good but then ended up turning away from God and wasn't a very good king. So when you hear me say King Saul tells you to do something, you'll have to do the opposite. So if I were to say, 'King Saul says hop on your right foot' you should then hop on your left foot instead.

You may want to plan out what you will have them do, particularly to make sure the commands you give for King Saul have a clear opposite. If you tell them something like 'King Saul says wiggle your nose,' it's not clear what the opposite is. Actions with direction will help so that they would do the action in the opposite direction. Remember you can always throw in commands with no person attached to try to get people out if they do it (or do it's opposite). If it seems like everyone is doing pretty well, try speeding it up so they have less time to think about it. 


Dear God, you made a really big promise to King David which we see was fulfilled through Solomon and Jesus. Plant stories like these in our hearts so that we always remember that you can always be trusted, especially when our lives get hard. We thank you for letting us be your house today and help us remember that you are always with us. Amen."


Make the sign of the cross on one another’s forehead, look each other in the eye and say, "You are a part of God's beautiful house."