Overview and Lesson Plan

Session 2. How Do We Know and Trust God? 

Trusting in the gracious mercy of God…

Key Words/Concepts to Know - J11

  • Trusting God 
  • Grace 
  • Mercy 
  • Covenant 


  • When did you first say aloud that you believed in God (that you can remember)?
  • Is trust a good word to describe what it means to have faith in God? Why or why not?
  • When has it been difficult for you to trust God?
  • Who helped you grow in faith?
  • What are some ways you practice your faith daily or weekly?
  • Do you have a favorite holy place, a place where you feel closest to God?
  • Why do you consider yourself a Christian? (from H/MG p. 4)

Look at A Brief Statement of Faith 

Journal Pages:

  • J12 
  • J13 
  • J16-17 
  • Postcard pages J18 

Mentors and Parents: Notice that the Key Words/Concepts are in your Home/Mentor Guide each session.