Weekly Overview and Lesson Plan

Session 11. Will You Devote Yourself to the Prayers? 

Will you devote yourself to the church’s teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and the prayers?



Devotion J101 

Prayer is a central practice of the church and of Christians everywhere. There are so many types of prayer and ways to pray. We often find that we are used to doing more talking than listening.

Prayer focuses our attention on God and away from ourselves. When that happens, we open our hearts to God to become active in our lives, seeking justice for all humanity. (H/MG p. 21)

J100 Try Body Prayer. Search the Internet (the bit.ly/2lusegY is no longer available). If you discover a body prayer you like, do share it with your confirmation community. Try Breath Prayer and Hand Prayer.

Lots of good questions in the H/MG p. 22. Ex. When do you pray? Do you have a set practice or do you pray at random times? When you pray, what types of prayer are most common for you? Do you use formal prayers, or are your prayers more conversational? When have you felt God's presence while in prayer?

J101 ACTS - is a pattern for prayer.

J102 The Lord's Prayer Compare it with what Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew 6:5-13 and Luke 11:1-4

Look at The Lord's Prayer Infographic on the confirmation website. Discuss the information. What is new to you about the Lord's Prayer?

The fourth BIG Question begins "Will you devote yourself...." "Devotion is a commitment of the heart. The question assumes a level of commitment that requires a vow, a "therefore" response. Complete the four statements on J103 

J108-109 For centuries, Christians have walked along the paths of labyrinths to focus their attention on praying and listening to God. Start by relaxing and taking a few deep breaths. As you move your finger along the labyrinth say one of the breath prayers in your journal. Further instructions on J108.