Weekly Overview and Lesson Plan

Session 12. Are You Ready to Cross Over?  


Profession of faith J111

Crossings - important transitions in life and in the life of faith.  

Discuss "crossings" in lives of confirmands, families, mentors - milestones, transitions, achievements.

- Are these personal achievements, or did you have help? Explain.

- What is it about your "crossing" experiences that make them memorable?

Look at Session One on the Confirmation website to find The Old Testament Stories Infographic. Trace the major events in the Israelites' saga--the Egyptian enslavement of the Israelites, the Passover, the crossing of the Red Sea, the giving of the Ten Commandments, construction of the Ark of the Covenant, forty years wandering in the desert, the rise of Joshua as Moses' assistant, the crossing of the Jordan.

Joshua 3:7-4:7  (Great story to act out, to tell, to make a video of parts of it, or -- think creatively)

J112-113 - How has your Confirmation "crossing" been like the Israelites' crossing of the Jordan?

 - Who are the "priests" who have helped you in your Confirmation "crossing"?

 - How has God been at work in Confirmation and/or other transitional events of your life? How do you know?

 - How have you marked God's presence in your Confirmation "crossing"?

Look at The Holy Spirit Infographic on the Confirmation website.

-Discuss what the Holy Spirit does.

- Wonder together how the Spirit has been active in your lives through this Confirmation journey during 2021, during a pandemic, quarantine, a hurricane, a resurgence of God's call for justice  (that began with Black Lives Matter).

J114-115 What questions do you have? Ask mentor, parent, Ginny, Dan, Richard. Wrestling with questions is good. Looking back through your postcard pages will be helpful as you develop your faith statement. You'll have time before the session meeting.

J116-117 Write in each of the boxes. Questions may arise here as well.