Written Faith Statement Example

Here is my own statement of faith, friends. I hope it is helpful!


I believe in the mystery of a triune God—the Voice, the Word, and the Listener; Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. 

I believe in God, architect and artisan of all creation. Having been created in God’s image, humanity is intertwined with all creation, a patchwork that gives us a glimpse of God’s glory and wonder. As stewards of creation, we are called to care for the earth and all her inhabitants with joy and tenderness. 

I believe in Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, who, out of great love, took on flesh to walk among us as the fully human and fully divine incarnation of God. In word and deed, Christ’s life proclaimed God’s call to justice, reconciliation, and compassion for all people. Crucified by the world’s powers, Christ was then resurrected through God’s grace, overthrowing even death for our redemption. Through Christ’s living, suffering, dying, and rising, we belong to God. 

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Sustainer who dances among us, the moving, breathing presence of God. Through the Spirit we come to know wisdom, grace, comfort, and renewal. The Spirit inspires our worship and reveals God’s word in Scripture. Through baptism and communion, the Spirit gathers us into one community out of time, remembering the body of Christ in the world through these outward signs of God’s inward grace. 

I believe in the church universal, the active body of Christ in the world. Composed of many with diverse gifts and convictions, the church is called to unity and reconciliation, serving humankind with love and compassion, seeking justice for the oppressed, release for the captives, and inclusion for all. Through such bold and prophetic witness, we proclaim to the world the hope of the resurrection and live into becoming the beloved community we are called to be.